I really am fond of business ideas that challenge false choices. Companies like Wal-Mart and Dell become industry titans in part by tackling the false choice between offering products that are low-cost and of high-quality. Companies such Ikea and Target dispel the notion that the best product designers can’t produce for the masses. The notion that a beer can’t both taste great and be less filling… well, you get the point right?.

anyway, there is this Utah-based website called Qualtrics. Qualtrics is William & Mary’s hosted
web-based software solution which allows users to create online surveys and conduct statistical analysis. The company provides solutions for corporations looking for an approach to gathering knowledge resources including panel management, enterprise feedback management and voice of the customer. In addition it offers additional services for specialized projects including survey project reviews, dynamic data reports, translation and data analysis consulting.

It is an excellent web-based survey software package that offers a fantastic array of question types, a well-designed survey development interface, good fielding/survey promotion capabilities and a powerful reporting engine ass well. It has both panal management features and multi-users capabilities that will definitely be a contender if you’re a corporate research department or academic organization looking for a great survey system.They offers a lot of different questions types. More, perhaps, than I remember seeing in any other program.

When you sign up for a Qualtrics account, you are generally allowed to have the unlimited number of users and can also create an unlimited number of responses. A certain amount of service is included, and a certain number of custom templates will be included depending on the package that you purchase. Your account will generally be priced based on the number of responses you want to collect over the course of the year. Qualtrics isn’t cheap though, the accounts tend to start at probably around $10,000 and go up depending on the number of responses you want to collect.

There’s a lot to like about the Qualtrics survey software system. The questionnaire features and questionnaire development environment is among the best thatin a web-based application.


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