Urban Vessel

“I’m used to spending time on boats,” says New York based architect and interior designer Page Goolrick, who has been sailing competitively for 15 years. “It’s influenced my design. Sailing vessels are beautifully designed, flexible, made for performance, but also attractive. As evident to that is her 560-square-foot Gramercy Park apartment which has a very streamlined, efficient, and unobtrusively inventive design which made it look very much of a small yacht.

[via dwell]


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4 Responses to Urban Vessel

  1. RaeAbigael says:

    she has a really cool design style! :))

    The Ballerina on Fire

  2. AWESOME. Planning on having a future home with modern designs such as this. 🙂 xx

  3. Clint says:

    A house really needs more white spaces. Looks very clean and elegant.

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