Design: @kaigrafia’s Blog

Hello guys! just a quick update. I designed Kai Graifa‘s blog site. It was a huge re-design because her blog was really vintage-y and has a lot of details and graphics compared the this new one. If you have time please do visit her blog and maybe tell me what you think of the design that I did for her? Haha. Also, please watch out for the lauch of my blogger layout store. I’m already working on the pages and some of the few unfinished premade blogger layout. I will tell more deets regarding the layout show pithin the coming days. Thaaaanks!


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One Response to Design: @kaigrafia’s Blog

  1. Anne vD says:

    Looks amazing! And thanks for the comment on my blog. Means a lot to me since I've just started blogging. Now following you!

    X Anne

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