Worth Bookmarking: Lifestyle Blogs

Aside from Fashion Blogs, one type of blog which I really admire are the Lifestyle Blogs. Why? Because they’re the jack of all trades in the blogging world. They talk about multiple topics which is very hard to do most especially if you regularly update your blog, you have to have a broad mind full of ideas. I know there are hundreds or probably thousands of people that are in this niche but of course there are still many that stands out among the rest. As for me, here are just five of the lifestyle blogs which I really admire.

1. Honestly WTF – Love at first sight. I know, it sounds very cheesy but that’s what Honestly WTF is for me. I love all of their entries and DIY‘s. They never fail to amaze me every time that I visit their page.

2. A Beautiful Mess – Founded by no less than Else together with her sister Emma, A Beautiful Mess is a blog that focuses on vintage-y and DIY stuffs. I have been a reader of their blog for like more that a couple of years already.

3. Camille Styles – Camille Styles’ is a blog founded by Camille Styles and has 11 contributors. I admire this blog so much because of the dedication that the contributors are giving the blog. Ps; the Food and Drinks that they share in the blog looks very delish that’s why I loved this blog more!

4. Miss Moss – My daily source of eye candy. The author of this blog Diana, is an inspiration for me especially when it comes to editing images and searching the most amazing things in the world wide web.

5. A Cup of Jo – Is a blog by Joanna Goddard, a magazine writer who lives in NYC. One thing I love about her blog is that she also talk about relationship and motherhood.


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7 Responses to Worth Bookmarking: Lifestyle Blogs

  1. Angie says:

    Great bog dear!!!!Love it..:)I'm following u immediately..;)follow me back?:P



    by chasingkitesbyangie.blogspot.com

  2. Lou says:

    I love this post, mostly because I agree with the blogs you have linked to. I also really enjoy reading 'Cupcakes and Cashmere'.


  3. Issa Tchieu says:

    Now i get to knw more great blogs around thru ur sharing. thanks!

    Do check out my new post on MMM x H&M.

  4. I want to start a fashion/lifestyle blog. I love photography, but I want to upgrade my digital camera to a more professional one. I also wanted to start this blog, so which camera would you recommend me. I have a small budget, so if you could find something that is not too pricey, I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot

  5. I'm working on a project for my fashion and designs class, the assignment is to pick a fashion type based on street style or social movements..

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