**throws confetti** Happy Birthday To Meeee!!!

Today I am celebrating my 21st year exsistence, yes friends, I have a birthday– whether you believe it or not I really do have and guess what, it happens every year so what are you guys waiting for? **throws confetti**. it’s pateeeeeey timeeeeee!

The Mini wishlist inspired by the image above….

Warehouse Oversize sparkle zip back jumper / Marc by Marc Jacobs Packables Zora Stripe Shopper Tote / Timex Originals Camper Watch / Vans Authentic Slim Lace Up Trainers / Kate Spade New York Starlight Drive Coin Purse

Anyways, everything is already planned…… I WILL SLEEP THE WHOLE DAY. Kidding!!! I am celebrating my special day (not yours) with my family and friends. Enjoy your weekend everyone! xoxo 

photo source: Geronimo Balloon Troopers via The Sweetest Occasion.


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2 Responses to **throws confetti** Happy Birthday To Meeee!!!

  1. ALPOnse says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Kenni!

  2. Adeayu says:

    wow Happy birthday Kenni! wish you the best and had a great party with your family and friends 😉

    visit my little cream button♥

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