Turn Your Instagram Photos Into an "InstaBook"

If you love instagram like me (altough I dont have one bacause I am using Blackberry phone) then thes Denver based company called Artifact Uprising is for you. The company can turn all your instagram photos in to a book which is so so good most especially fot those that loves photography. This is a perfect gift for the coming holiday so if you want to give your loved ones something personalized then go ahead and try this one!

Ps; thank you to all the loveley people who greeted me on my birthday. You dont know how much you made me happy. xoxo


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3 Responses to Turn Your Instagram Photos Into an "InstaBook"

  1. Adeayu says:

    I've heard about this insta book 😦
    wish I've android to use instagram, but I'm using blackberry too.

    visit my little cream button♥

  2. Ana Alina says:

    I really love the idea. <3 Thanks!


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