Korean Doll Angela Ricardo And Her #Switch To Nokia Lumia 920 Video

The name Angela Ricardo and her blog, KoreanDoll.Net is pretty much a well known one at the Filipina fashion blogging community. She is quite a very active blogger who always find time to interact with her friends and blog followers. Angela is based at Milan, Italy wherein beauty and fashion blogging is what keeps her busy.

Just recently, Angela and her koreandoll.net blog won an international competition spearheaded by Nokia. That competition is joined by over 50 fashion and lifestyle trendsetters around the world. For the prize, she got a one-of-a-kind Nokia and LVK jewellery chest containing the brand new Nokia Lumia 920 and LeiVanKash jewellery piece. Not only that, Angela was also featured at an official NOKIA LUMIA 920 #Switch Video.

For Angela’s #switch video, a team of Nokia staff and crew took a trip to Milan to film how she captures her passion for fashion using the #NokiaLumia920. The video is now live on the official Nokia youtube channel which you can also see and watch below.

Check out some of the behind the scene photos of that Nokia #Switch video after the jump….

You can see that they have done the shooting at public and busy places of Milan. I can feel that this is the start and key for her fashion stardom.

For sure, this Nokia video will open doors for Angela and for the rest of Filipina fashion bloggers. She made her fellow Filipina bloggers proud and a well known one in terms of fashion and beauty blogging.

Congratulations to you Angela Ricardo AKA KoreanDoll.Net.

Photo Credit: Joe M. / @DrBadger
Photo Copyright: Nokia
Cinematography: Pierre
Mobile Device: Nokia Lumia 920


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