womens fashion clothing from etlamer

Natalie Joos photographed by Phil Oh for vogue.com

I am seriously loving all of the collection shown this season from Paris, Milan and New York. As shown on the pieces they showcased in the runway you can really see all the efforts that they exert just to come up with a stunning collection every woman would love to have. Aside from the “actual” fashion week happening inside the studios and tents another thing which I do believe that we all love is the street scenes happening before and after a show. Street Style is undeniably very famous since the past few years. There are tons of amazing woman that comes to my mind when we say street style like Anna Dello russon, Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, sussie Lau, Natalie Joos and the list goes on and on.

I know that a lot of of you are aiming to be photographed by famous street style photographer like Phil Oh and Tommy Ton but afraid that you can just achieve that when you wear expensive clothes. I believe that it’s not always about what brand are you wearing, it’s all about the style and confidence. there are tons of amazing clothing stores out there that are not only affordable but stylish as well. For me, i really love womens fashion clothing from etlamer because the pieces they have are really stylish. Have a look at the stuffs they have in-store, I’m sure you’ll love them.


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