Update + Men’s Style

First of all, I wanna thank you all because the first week of my new blog, Yum Diaries is really amazing. I received a lot of good feedback’s and comments regarding the new blogging “venture”. to be honest, it was quite hard especially on the first couple of days since I still have no idea on what contents will be a good fit for the blog but then it was still fun at the same time because I can now consider myself as both fashion and food blogger. So to those who still didn’t know, on yum Diaries, aside from recipes I also post kitchen decors and tools, party and wedding ideas and other food and kitchen related stuffs so if you’re planning of re decorating or purchasing new stuffs for your kitchen or if you’re having a party soon and looking for some fun and cool inspirations then Yumdiaries.Net is the destination.

Anyway, speaking of food don’t you just love the photo above? It was taken by one of my street style photographer, Nam of Street FSN few seasons ago. Well obviously, these boys are models off duty who are really very stylish. I’ve said this already over and over again, I admire boys that have sense of style and are not afraid of trying different looks and trends. I know some of you guys are wanting to channel this sort of look and with that if you’re looking for some affordable and stylish clothes I suggest you all to visit liveclothing.com.au Men’s Ben Sherman section. They offer a wide range of cool and really worth spending pieces perfect for everyday wear.

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